Death Kart

So, what’s the best use for a running ZX-7 motor that doesn’t have a bike? Answer: build a custom death kart out of whatever scraps and pieces you have laying around the garage. Pieces This started with a running/driving 1998 Kawasaki ZX-7. Added a motor-less go kart frame that was found for $50 and stretched […]

Track Bike Build 2023

Frosty-cold winter seems like a good time to make a new blog post about our track bike build, highlighting some recent progress. The bike… We picked up a 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 650 late last year for a reasonable price. It had a little damage, as these lower-cost bikes generally do. It’s a great platform for […]

Support your right to repair in Congress! As motorcycling technology continues to advance, your ability to repair your own motorcycle or seek out an independent mechanic may get restricted as manufacturers do not make repair information or parts available for purchase.  Consumers are facing this problem with almost every product they own, from their phone, to their tractor and for AMA […]

Hand Signals You Should Know

As the 2022 riding season kicks off, it’s important to brush up on a variety of safety topics. Although communication devices are becoming more ubiquitous, it’s still important to know and use hand signals to communicate with other riders (both inside and outside your own group) and with other vehicles on the road. We’ve covered […]

Big Changes at LRRS

We’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate Eric Wood and John Grush on becoming the new owners of the LRRS racing series, which will be re-named and re-branded as NEMRR (New England Motorcycle Road Racing). We’re excited to see what these two motorcycle racing legends can do to enhance participation in the series and […]

Metric Maniacs is now a Zero Gravity dealer!

Metric Maniacs is pleased to announce that we are now a dealer for Zero Gravity products. Zero Gravity produces high-quality windscreens with superior optics, strength, flexibility, fit, and finish. All Zero Gravity products are race-proven in superbike, grand prix, supersport, and endurance racing. We will be working to add all Zero Gravity products to our […]