Hand Signals You Should Know

As the 2022 riding season kicks off, it’s important to brush up on a variety of safety topics. Although communication devices are becoming more ubiquitous, it’s still important to know and use hand signals to communicate with other riders (both inside and outside your own group) and with other vehicles on the road. We’ve covered […]

Big Changes at LRRS

We’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate Eric Wood and John Grush on becoming the new owners of the LRRS racing series, which will be re-named and re-branded as NEMRR (New England Motorcycle Road Racing). We’re excited to see what these two motorcycle racing legends can do to enhance participation in the series and […]

Metric Maniacs is now a Zero Gravity dealer!

Metric Maniacs is pleased to announce that we are now a dealer for Zero Gravity products. Zero Gravity produces high-quality windscreens with superior optics, strength, flexibility, fit, and finish. All Zero Gravity products are race-proven in superbike, grand prix, supersport, and endurance racing. We will be working to add all Zero Gravity products to our […]

Metric Maniacs is a GPR dealer!

Metric Maniacs is pleased to announce that we are now a GPR dealer. GPR produces the finest steering stabilizers in the world for your late-mode sportbike. And, with rebuild parts and service available, these products will last the lifetime of your machine…and probably beyond. Want protection against “tank slappers” and head shake, get a GPR […]