Death Kart

So, what’s the best use for a running ZX-7 motor that doesn’t have a bike? Answer: build a custom death kart out of whatever scraps and pieces you have laying around the garage.


This started with a running/driving 1998 Kawasaki ZX-7. Added a motor-less go kart frame that was found for $50 and stretched 18”, then scavenged around the garage for various odds and ends.


As of now, we’re in serious mock -up mode. The motor is mounted and most controls are hooked up. It fired up for the first time over the weekend.

What’s next?

Bought some extra steel to build out a full roll cage and stiffen the frame. Next step is to complete the cooling system. Then, break it down and finish weld, paint, and assemble. We’ll keep you posted!

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