Fall Riding in Maine

If you haven’t had the opportunity to take a motorcycle ride in Maine during late fall, you’re missing out. In mid-to-late October, things just come together in a way that’s perfect for riders.

First, the traffic dies down. The vacationers have gone home. The leaf peepers have seen the leaves and are mostly off the roads. The temperatures are still decent…likely 50-to-60 degrees in the sun. The roads are mostly clean of debris, although you do have to be careful of some leaves in the roadway. With some leaves down and many colorful ones still on the trees, the views and scenery are arguably the best of the year.

Our favorite routes are in southwestern Maine. Roads like state route 107, 160, and 117 all offer great views, good scenery, and enough curves to keep your interest. If you want a longer ride, take a look at 113 or 153 into New Hampshire, where you can connect to the Kancamagus Highway, Bear Notch, and some other highlights.

The primary recommendation here, regardless of your specific route, get out on the bike in late fall and enjoy it!

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