Project “Top Gun” Update

It’s been a few weeks since project “Top Gun” arrived. This near-mint ’85 Kawasaki GPz 900 could be considered a barn find. It had been stored for around 7-8 years and needed some TLC to get running and road worthy again.

Luckily, we found her and have been giving her the attention she needs and deserves. We pulled the tank and cleaned out all the dirt and light rust that had developed. Overall the tank looks great. We pulled the carburetors, cleaned, and rebuilt them. Surprisingly, the carb boots, which on old bikes can get brittle and hard to work with, were in good shape.

Some of the other highlights…

  • We rebuilt the forks.
  • We freed up a stuck caliper.
  • We replaced the front tire (the rear should be here today).
  • We did a plastic weld on one, minor crack in a side cover.
  • We did a full service.

This baby is nearly ready to hit the street! Once we’ve road-tested it, this bike will go up for sale and would make an awesome addition to any Kawasaki fan’s collection. It’s a road-ready legend with just over 10k miles on the clock!

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