“Top Gun”…The Next Metrics Project

“Talk to me Goose!”

Grab your aviator glasses and your bomber jacket! The next project to hit Metrics is a legit legend. The fastest production bike the year it came out and immortalized in the movie “Top Gun” starring Tom Cruise, the 1985 Kawasaki GPz900 is famous.

Or, as The Iceman says, “you mean ‘notorious’.”

We have to admit, “Top Gun” is a great movie and the GPz900 was a perfect choice, but there’s one glaring faux pas that still grinds our gears to this day. Mav would look a lot cooler without the tie-down straps making an appearance in this shot…

Regardless, the example GPz we got our hands on is pretty close to legend status itself. Near flawless bodywork and almost total originality mean this bike needs very little to be back on the tarmac. And, at only 10k miles, there’s literally decades of life in this nearly 35-year-old classic. (has it really been that long?)

Stay tuned for more updates as we get the old girl wheeled into the shop and start digging in.

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