Torque Specs Matter

Just to be clear, we’re not torque-specification police around here. Many things can be tightened within a reasonable variance of the spec with just experience and muscle memory, but this latest one just begged for a post. Brought in a customer’s bike for a new chain and sprockets. We were going to adjust the gearing […]

2005 Kawasaki ZX636

Took this 636 in to do some much-needed maintenance. Installed a new chain and sprockets, new rear brake pads, and bled the front and rear brake systems. Fixed some issues with the exhaust, license plate, and rear blinker mounts then topped off the engine oil. She’s ready to roll.

First Design Prototype is Here!

Let’s face it. We all love t-shirts. We’re just getting started developing a line of shirts and other apparel geared toward the metric maniac (see what we did there?), but the first one is a basic brand-themed shirt. We think it came out pretty cool…and can’t wait to spin up a few more. Let us […]

Another Random…

This isn’t something typically parked in the garage (we’re metric maniacs), but helping out a friend who’s having some trouble. Two broken exhaust manifold bolts on this Buell turned out to be quite a bit of work, but she’s back together now and ready to start putting back and forth to work.

Time Well Spent

Took the opportunity to get out for a few hours on Sunday. Cruised up to Conway, NH and back via some decent back roads, like 153, 160, 11, and 117. Lots of sun, lots of good pavement, and very little traffic made for a perfect combination.

Booby Traps Targeting Motorcyclists

The lack of respect for human life on display here is simply unbelievable. For those out there trying to enjoy public trails…on motorcycles, ATV’s, bicycles, horseback, or even running/jogging…please be careful! Hopefully, law enforcement will apprehend and prosecute those responsible for these acts of what is, essentially, terrorism.

2010 Honda CBR600RR

Installed new fork seals and bushings in this CBR. The rebuild kit for this machine was quite a bit more expensive than other, similar bikes…not sure why. Our new customer is happy and that’s the important part. Another one down the road!

Ready to Roll

A few challenges, but she’s looking good and ready to roll. — New chain and sprockets — Oil and filter — Complete brake and clutch fluid flush — New LED turn signal mirror block offs Highlights… — The fit, finish, and light weight of the Ducati bodywork is impressive! — The road test afterward was enjoyable […]