NH 153 Road Report

Although its southern origin lies just south of Farmington, NH, the part of state route 153 that is most interesting starts in Wakefield and runs up to Conway. This 36-mile stretch of road essentially connects two motorcycle destinations; Iron Tails Saloon and the Kancamagus Highway. It is also a destination in its own right, providing tight, technical turns, elevation changes, and just a few open sections.

There are some, small, town centers and lakeside recreation areas along this route, so it’s important to watch for traffic, pedestrians, and possible “imperial entanglements”. This is especially true on summer weekends. During the week, or outside of tourist season, you can pretty much have your run of the place. School release does mean buses, so avoid it during that time period (2-3pm, generally). Things usually don’t get busy until you reach the Conway area.

The posted speed limit ranges from 25 MPH in a few spots up to 45-50 MPH for large portions in rural areas. Even at these relatively tame speeds, 153 provides plenty of excitement and challenges, including hard, blind corners and at least one “S” turn that can sneak up on you if you’re not paying attention. Enjoy!

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