Maine Route 160 Road Report

Route 160 is a thirty-one mile stretch of winding road in southwestern Maine. In two discernible stretches that split the road approximately in half, it connects Limerick and Denmark. The great news for motorcyclists is that the entire length of this interesting ride is generally low in traffic. The upper half, from Kezar Falls to Denmark, was nicely paved back in late 2016. It is smooth, winding, with lots of elevation changes. The lower half can be somewhat bumpy, especially during early spring, when frost heaves can get downright treacherous. That, unfortunately, can be said for nearly every road in Maine!

160 makes a great partial segment of a longer loop out of the Portland area or around Sebago lake from Gray or other areas. It’s also worth the detour on your way to or from Fryeburg. As with a lot of roads in Maine, early October is a great time to run this. Nice scenery in places, good foliage, and mostly rural surroundings make for a great spirited ride if you’re in the mood for that.

Here’s a link to a Google map of the route and a link to more background on route 160 from Wikipedia.

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